IAA Fair Rules & Info


  • Separate checks are required for each fair you are applying for. You may mail multiple applications in the same envelope, but each fair must have separate checks.
  • If accepted to the fair, we will deposit your check upon acceptance to the event.
  • If not accepted to the fair, your check will be mailed back to you.
  • If you are wait-listed for a fair, we will hold your check until the week of the event. If no space becomes available, the check will be mailed back to you. If a space becomes available we will notify you and deposit your check.

All fees are non-refundable, No Rain Date, No Cancellations, Separate checks required for all applications

If fairs are canceled due to forces beyond the IAA’s control, fees will be returned.


All IAA fairs will be juried. If a crafter has not participated in at least two fairs within the past year, we ask that they provide our board with images of their work they will be featuring at our shows. These can be provided via the following methods:

  • Email images to islandartsassociation@gmail.com
  • Provide a link to your website, Etsy shop, or Business Page on Facebook
  • Include high-quality printed images with your application

Fair Rules

By submitting an application, you are agreeing to abide by the following rules. Failure to do so may result in being banned from membership and/or future IAA fairs.

  • Set up only during designated hours
  • Tear Down during Designated Hours
  • NO Stakes Allowed at any of our locations.
  • Weights must be used on all canopies. Be sure you use adequate weights, as we get BIG wind gusts on the island and improperly weighted canopies can be destroyed and cause damage to others.
  • NO generators
  • No parking around the fairs – after unloading, please move your vehicle to the designated parking area. Information regarding parking will be provided via email prior to each fair.
  • No mass-produced items. All items must be made by you or your partner. (photography work can be sold as printed products)
  • No sales of tobacco or drug paraphernalia 
  • Canopies and table cloths are required
  • Stay in your Assigned Space. ALL specific requests must be received prior to fair, these cannot always be honored.
  • Stay within your designated 10×10 space. No displays are to extend beyond your space.
  • NO alcoholic beverages consumed during fairs
  • All applications require their own corresponding check for record keeping or to be returned if wait-listed. DO NOT send only one check for multiple fairs.
  • You MUST arrive for set-up at least ONE HOUR prior to the beginning of the fair or your space will be forfeited
  • If you have not received confirmation of acceptance, you cannot show up and expect a space to be made for you
  • IAA assumes no responsibility for loss, damage or injury.
  • All fees are non-refundable.
  • Yearly Membership Dues are due by March 31. Members must live on MDI or outer island, or in Trenton, Lamoine, or Ellsworth. Non-members are invited to apply for all outdoor fairs, at a separate non-member rate.
  • Applications are due by the registration deadline to be considered.
  • Each space at our outdoor fairs are 10×10. For indoor fairs, see the fair application for space information.
  • No electricity provided for outdoor fairs
  • Canopies are not provided. For two day fairs, we recommend zip down sides for overnight.
  • Outdoor fairs may involve uneven ground (particularly on the Village Green). It is your responsibility to bring the necessary supplies to be adaptable to your assigned space.
  • Security is provided for overnight fairs. DO NOT LEAVE CRAFTS IN TENT OVERNIGHT (IAA assumes no responsibility for theft/damage)
  • No small children or pets
  • Do not break down prior to the end of the fair. You must remain until closing (barring bad weather)

IAA Disclaimer

The Island Arts Association reserves the right to reject a crafter’s application through the jurying process or if the IAA staff determines that the crafter’s products are inappropriate for the craft fair. The crafter agrees that he or she, together with his or her agents, employees, or volunteers will cooperate with IAA staff and follow the directions of IAA staff during the event. A crafter may be expelled for being uncooperative with IAA staff, unruly or violent. In making an application, I hereby and forever discharge and release the Island Arts Association, its staff and members from all manner of actions, suits, claims, and/or demands whatsoever, in law or in equity, for damage or loss arising from this application and/or from my participation in the Island Arts Association’s event described above.

Please Note

We at IAA have had the privilege of having outdoor fairs on MDI for 48 years. We are a part of this community and our sponsor the YWCA is also big part of this community. Our supporters are friends, business owners and other local crafters. To have our outdoor fairs we must seek approval from these communities. Please be respectful of our community so that we may continue to host these fairs.

We notify of member and fair acceptance via email. Be sure to provide an email address so that we are able to communicate with you. The acceptance and/or waitlist notices will be sent after the application closes. Fair information and space assignments will also be sent via email.